President Donald J. Trump is credibly accused of conspiring with Russians, obstructing justice, abuse of power, tax fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, sexually abusing women and having sex with underage girls at convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s parties. He befriends cruel dictators and leaders who wish to do our country harm, while insulting our allies. Trump is unfit for office and should be removed.

Trump Dementia Getting Worse

Today, Trump tweeted that the Moon is part of Mars. He recently repeated several times that he wanted AG Barr to investigate the "oranges" of the Mueller Report. He calls people by the wrong names frequently. His lack of preparation for meetings and tendency to say...

Trump’s Economy Will Fail

The US jobs report for May 2019 was pretty grim. The US economy added only 75,000 new jobs for the month. The consensus estimate from economists was that the economy would add 180,000 new jobs. 180,000 new jobs is roughly the number of new jobs that need to be added...

Trump Immigration Policies Violate Federal Laws

Trump is violating U.S. Federal law and International law by ordering asylum seekers to wait in Mexico. The laws VERY CLEARLY state that asylum seekers are to wait in the country they are seeking asylum in while their application is being processed. This will surely...

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